• Grinding Mills :

    Grinding mills break down materials using friction, which they generate via grinding media. Any number of coarse materials may serve as grinding media, but some, such as brass, bronze, ceramics, flint, and non-sparking lead, are more common than others. The sub-types are as,

    • Ball Mill
    • Hammer Mill
    • Tube Mill
    • Crushers :

    Crushers are used to crush large, dense materials like rock and stone, until it is dust or gravel. Usually, they are used to simplify the differentiation of materials or to reduce materials and/or prepare them for recycling or disposal. The most common type of crusher is the jaw crusher.

    • Jaw Crusher
    • Blake Crusher
    • Dodge Crusher
    • Universal Crusher
    • Impactors :

    Impactors are quite like crushers, except that they reduce materials differently. Instead of crushing, which uses pressure generated by two opposing forces, they use impaction, a process that transmits force via collision. To carry out impaction, impactors, or impact crushers, contain the material to be crushed inside a cage, with which they facilitate collisions. As the material gets smaller, it falls out of openings on the bottom, side, or end of the cage. Along with the above common pulverizer types are those types that are less common, but more specialized, such as,

    • Gyratory crushers
    • Cone Crusher
    • MPS Mills
    • Bowl Mills