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We have 25 years of experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing high-quality equipment for the chemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical sectors. Our in-depth understanding of the intricate requirements of these industries positions us as a reliable partner for your equipment needs.

Our Products

A Heat Exchanger or condenser is a device used to convert a vapour or gaseous substance into a liquid state through the process of condensation. It is commonly used in various industrial and scientific applications.

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Agitators are equipment used to homogenize media inside a tank. They work by rotating immersed impellers at a controlled speed, also called revolutions per minute (RPM). The work exerted by the impeller induces the flow and shear of the media inside the tank.

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A Multi Effect Evaporator is a type of industrial equipment used for concentrating solutions by evaporating the solvent (usually water) from a liquid mixture. It utilizes the principle of heat transfer to efficiently remove water or other solvents.

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  • Our team of skilled engineers and professionals brings years of expertise in designing equipment that adheres to industry standards.

Quality Focused

  • We are committed to delivering equipment of the highest quality, ensuring safety, reliability, and durability.


  • We stay updated wi th the latest technological advancements to integrate innovative features into our equipment.

Client Centric Approach

  • Your success is at the core of our operations. We work closely with you to understand your needs and provide solutions that align perfectly.

Global Reach

  • With a strong distribution network, we have successfully served clients across the globe, establishing us as a trusted name internationally.

Our Vision

  • To make PEXOMASS HEAVY INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD a world class manufacturer and preferred choice of worldwide customers.

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