Scrubbers ( Dry / Wet )

  1. Wet Scrubbers

    Wet scrubbers use a liquid (often water) to capture and remove pollutants from the gas stream. The gas is passed through the liquid, and the pollutants are absorbed or dissolved into the liquid. Wet scrubbers are effective for removing particles , gases, and odorous compounds.

    • Venturing Scrubber:

    This type of wet scrubber uses the velocity difference between the gas and the liquid to create a pressure drop that facilitates the capture of pollutants

    • Packed Bed Scrubber:

    In this design, the gas passes through a bed of packing material that is wetted with liquid. Contaminants are absorbed onto the wet surfaces of the packing.

  2. Dry Scrubbers

    Dry scrubbers use a solid sorbent or a reactive chemical to remove pollutants from the gas stream.

    These scrubbers are often used when the gas stream has high temperatures or is unsuitable for direct contact with water.

    • Dry Sorbent Injection Scrubber:

    Dry sorbent are injected into the gas stream, and the pollutants are chemically adsorbed onto the sorbent particles

    • Spray Dry Scrubber:

    This design involves spraying a fine mist of alkaline solution into the gas stream to neutralize acidic gases.

  3. Gas Scrubbers

    Gas scrubbers are used to remove specific gases, such as sulphur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), ammonia (NH3), and other noxious gases. They typically involve chemical reactions that convert the harmful gases into less harmful compounds.

    Scrubber tanks are commonly used in various industries, including:

    • Industrial Processes:

    Scrubbers are used to control emissions from manufacturing processes, chemical production, metal refining, and more

    • Power Generation:

    In coal-fired power plants, scrubbers are used to remove sulphur dioxide, a major contributor to acid rain, from flue gases.

    • Waste Incineration:

    Scrubbers help reduce pollutants and particulate matter from waste incineration processes

    • Oil and Gas Industry:

    Scrubbers are used to remove hydrogen sulphide and other sulphur compounds from natural gas streams.

    • Chemical Processing:

    Scrubbers can be used to neutralize or capture harmful gases produced during chemical reactions